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Eastern Europe and Beyond 1

The setting was a hostel in Krakow, Poland, the time was late and the vision slightly blurry but the bones were tingling with excitement. The reason was simple- we had just had one of those moments that makes you believe in travel. We had no idea what we were going to do the next day […]

Australia and Back Again 1

Sitting on the plane going back to Australia was one of the weirder experiences I have had in my life to date. Normally when I am coming home I’m going there to start a new chapter in life or to continue an already well established one. This time it was simply a smash and grab […]

Rociana del Condado 1

I moved to Spain in October 2014 to work as an English language assistant. I am working in a tiny town called Rociana del Condado. It has a population of almost 8000 people. Before I started working there I met one of the teachers. He said to me ‘imagine the smallest, ugliest, most boring town […]

Greece and Turkey

Oh the wonderful things travelling can do for the mind. I can now remember how I fell in love with moving, leaving and travelling in the first place – memories that had laid dormant for far too long. I know now more so than ever that travelling is about the senses, not about the number […]

Turkey ft. Gallipoli

From the untrained eye it simply looks like a sleepy little village on a beautiful peninsula situated towards the edge of Turkey, a place to maybe snorkel, lie in a hammock or relax on the beach all day. It is easy to be fooled even for wannabe historians like us for the landscape is breathtaking; […]

Camino de Santiago 2

I have attempted to start writing this blog numerous times but on each occasion that I picked up the proverbial pen I find myself not knowing where to begin or where to go. To steel a line from The Cat Empire – how do I explain something that made me howl and shiver to the […]

UK and Ireland

I remember when I was a wee young lad growing up in yet another of Australia’s dogmatic Christian churches I heard about a fellow named Richard Dawkins. He was always mentioned with a dirty word said after his name, that word of course was atheist! I used to think how dare he?! What an idiot! Has […]


After making my way across Spain for over a month while walking the Camino de Santiago, relaxing in Sevilla proved to be exactly what my weary soul needed. As hectic as the Camino were is as peaceful as my time in Sevilla was. It took me 35 days to walk the 800kms from point A […]