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Lance Armstrong: A Bad Person who does Great Things 1

In early 2013 the Western world was shocked to hear the news that Lance Armstrong is officially a cheat, a liar and a fraud. This man that stood on top of the world with everyone reverently looking up at him had come crashing down to our feet. Let us backtrack for a moment to get […]

Cordoba has Been Invaded by Madrid Fan Boys

I’m sitting at my small local Spanish bar here in the beautiful city of Cordoba. My mates are sipping on €1 beers and talking tactics and expectations (or lack there of), while the waiter brings around free tapas of chorizo, salmon tostadas and fried croquetas for all the hungry patrons. A hugely significant event is […]

How to improve the NBL

Since the merger of the National basketball league and Basketball Australia in 2008, the administrators of the game have looked at producing a model that encourages professionalism at club level, and is the showcase event for Australia’s elite basketball players, amongst other things. These two principles are outlined in the rules and regulations of the […]

Australian Cricket Team for 2015 Ashes 2

The Ashes series is fast approaching and once the current World Cup is over all roads will lead to the Ashes. Player’s careers are measured by performances in the Ashes- it can make or break a legacy. Whilst Test cricket is a traditional affair it is more aptly a spectacle of opinions. Every person will […]