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My Ten Songs For 90s Credibility

From someone who listened to Christian music in the 90s. When I reflect back on my formative years, there are some egregious gaps brought on by my Christian upbringing. I never watched The Simpsons (it mocks church and traditional families), Scooby Doo (not sure if it was because of the supernatural stuff – or because […]

The Sharing Economy: Why Making More Money Can Be Bad For You.

It’s far from obvious that the chance to make more money can be a bad thing. Services like AirBnB, which allow you to rent out a spare room (or even a spare couch) for money seem like intuitively good things. But the argument against it is an interesting one that takes us through some interesting […]

Cultural Evolution with Daniel C. Dennett

Professor Daniel C. Dennett is possibly the preeminent philosopher of our day. He is a prolific author and lecturer, specializing in a wide range of topics from evolution and atheism to consciousness and free will. He has helped to change the role of a philosopher in the way that he has become both a student and expert […]

The Importance of Ontology

Ontology is the branch of philosophy that starts with the question of what things are what, and gets more incomprehensible from there. Most branches of philosophy have the second part of the sentence, but ontology is still singled out for special dislike. I can sympathize with this position: making up categories without application is a […]

What is Community?

It’s summer. One of the best summers I’ve ever had. University is out, our work is casual; we have time on our hands. Every second night we play poker, drink Coronas and smoke cigars. The iPod rotates between Bob Dylan, Mumford and Suns and not much else. We are all comfortable here, we are ourselves, […]

Changing Within

I originally wrote this article in 2011 for our college newspaper at International House, Wollongong. I shared this story because I believe there is a release found in honesty, a freedom. You’ll see that there’s a feeling of confession through the article, an attempt to reconcile the bible-beating 18 year old that I was with […]

Lance Armstrong: A Bad Person who does Great Things 1

In early 2013 the Western world was shocked to hear the news that Lance Armstrong is officially a cheat, a liar and a fraud. This man that stood on top of the world with everyone reverently looking up at him had come crashing down to our feet. Let us backtrack for a moment to get […]

What is Humanism? And Why does it Matter?

Humanism is an ethical approach to life that is concerned with human’s well-being. It is guided by reason and science with no supernatural elements. It is not a doctrine, there is no dogma to humanism and it is not something you convert to either. It is an attitude, a philosophy and an invitation to think […]

OCD – Setting the Record Straight. 2

  How many times have you heard someone say or said yourself “Oh my god I’m so OCD!” or “I just need to flick the light switch off, its an OCD thing.” Now, I know that people don’t mean to belittle the disorder or cheapen its seriousness but comments like this do exactly that. For […]

Evolution with Richard Dawkins

I recently had the privilege of attending a series of lectures by Professor Richard Dawkins. For anyone not familiar with his genius he deserves an introduction. Dawkins is a world renowned and leading evolutionary biologist from Oxford who has played a vital role all around the world in promoting secular values and views. He is […]