KP: The Autobiography by Kevin Pietersen

kpFor anybody who has watched and loved cricket over the last ten years Kevin Pietersen is a personality and talent that is often talked about.

What is KP: Autobiography about?

In KP: Autobiography Kevin Pietersen holds nothing back in giving his side of the story of life for him in the English cricket team. He brings fascinating insights to issues that have effected the cricket world in the past decade. Pietersen was famously sacked from the English cricket team after last year’s Ashes whitewash to Australia. He was put up as the scapegoat for all of English cricket. A lot has been said and written about him, his attitude and his effect on the team. In this book Pietersen lays it all out though. He tells his side of the story from day dot. He talks about exploding onto the cricket scene in 2005 and what life was like in the English Cricket Team for the past ten years. He discussed his problems with the English Cricket Board, the coaches, and other players. Honestly, it is truly great gossip. The reader is brought into the inner workings of the cricket world and gets taken behind the scenes into the dressing room to see what was really going on in the players’ lives and minds. There are two sides to every story – the media has played out one side of the story for a long time now and here Pietersen offers his side of the story.

Who should read KP: Autobiography?

Any cricket lover should definitely read this book. If you’re a cricket nerd like me and want to understand not just the game on the field more but the politics and drama off the field too then pick up this book and enjoy.

Genre: History & People

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