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Keller is an intellectual wanderer currently studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University. He likes thinking about the nature of minds, threats to the survival of humanity, models of political processes, and how people’s uses of models affect politics. In his spare time he programs, sails, reads science fiction, and dances Lindy Hop.

The Sharing Economy: Why Making More Money Can Be Bad For You.

It’s far from obvious that the chance to make more money can be a bad thing. Services like AirBnB, which allow you to rent out a spare room (or even a spare couch) for money seem like intuitively good things. But the argument against it is an interesting one that takes us through some interesting […]

US Presidential Race: The Republicans

Editor’s note: This article is part of a series by Keller on the 2016 Presidential race. To stay tuned and read more on the topic please visit our politics archive. ——— Last week, I talked about the Democratic primary candidates. This week, it’s on to the plausible Republicans. This is harder, as there is no […]

US Presidential Race: The Democrats

One of the nice things about writing about US politics is that you know it affects everyone. You may have heard recently that Bernie Sanders is running for President. This thrills most of the left, many of whom wanted somebody other than Hillary Clinton, who lost the 2008 primary to Obama and is generally thought […]

The Importance of Ontology

Ontology is the branch of philosophy that starts with the question of what things are what, and gets more incomprehensible from there. Most branches of philosophy have the second part of the sentence, but ontology is still singled out for special dislike. I can sympathize with this position: making up categories without application is a […]