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Annie is an intellectual jack of all trades. Her articles span the width of travel, politics, sociology, philosophy and books. After graduating from a double degree in International Relations and Media & Communications (Journalism) she has moved to Spain where she is currently mastering the language, food and culture.

Spain’s Podemos – Can They? 2

When I first saw Pablo Iglesias I thought to myself he looks like he could be my friend. He has a ponytail, a beard, wears casual clothing, studied political science and travels a lot, particularly in South America. I could imagine the two of us going for a walk in the park talking about history, politics and […]

Rociana del Condado 1

I moved to Spain in October 2014 to work as an English language assistant. I am working in a tiny town called Rociana del Condado. It has a population of almost 8000 people. Before I started working there I met one of the teachers. He said to me ‘imagine the smallest, ugliest, most boring town […]